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LED IV-type magic lamp

Product description

LED Magic lamp----The best cost/performance LED lamp in the global

LED IV-type magic lamp   GT26B0002

LED Quality       32pcs

Input             85-265V

Battery           ion battery

Frequency         50-60Hz

Charging Time     3~5H

Power             3w

Battery Capacity    2200Mah

Operating Current   200±10mA

One time charge lighting time    7H

Inous Flux        250~280LM

Switch            AC-OFF-DC

CRI               ≥75

Lamp Holder       E26/E27

Color Temperature        3500-5000K

USB Socket        2.0-A

Light failure Rate       ≤7%

Material          PC

Life Time         40000H

Warranty          2 years

Variable color    250

Adjustable flux   0~280LM

Remote Control    Infrared/RF

Memory lights dance music   20

Colorful and adjustable remote control lamp.Remote control function is added based on III generation products.including infrared remote control(Max distance: 10 meters) and RF remote control(Max distance: 100 meters) At the same time ten light color schemes are added inside and can change indoor lighting decoration effect based on customer's needs It has 15 kinds of functions including floodlight,miner lamp,flashlight,handheld lamp,socket lamp,table lamp,emergency light,tour tents lamp,cassette lamp,sleep floodlight,decorative spotlight,decorative floodlight,outdoor emergency indicator light,entertainment stage light,adjustable desk light.

One magical lamp  type IV has following 15 kinds of function:

Colorful/brightness-adjustable/remote floodlight

Colorful/brightness-adjustable/remote miner’s lamp

Colorful/brightness-adjustable/remote flashlight

Colorful/brightness-adjustable/remote handheld lamp

Colorful/brightness-adjustable/remote socket lamp

Colorful/brightness-adjustable/remote desk lamp

Colorful/brightness-adjustable/remote emergency light

Colorful/brightness-adjustable/remote tour tents lamp

Colorful/brightness-adjustable/remote cassette light

Colorful/brightness-adjustable/remote sleep floodlight

Colorful/brightness-adjustable/remote Adornment type spot lampColorful/brightness-adjustable/remote Adornment type projectile lamp

Colorful/brightness-adjustable /remote Outdoor emergency guidelines lamp

Colorful/brightness-adjustable /remote Entertainment stage light

Colorful/brightness-adjustable/distance-adjustable remote table lamp

16 Magical Features:

Patent:  10 inventions, new practical and appearance patent.

Multifunctional lamp:  With 15 kinds of lamp use function and convertible by only few seconds.

Price composition:Different price formation by 15 kinds of use function fits easily your needs.

Energy saving effect: 3W power luminous flux up to 250lumens,equivalent to 30W ordinary lamp.

Certificate: FCC,CE,3C,PSE,ROHS and safety certificate.

Long life : 40000 hours life with lumens depreciation less than 7%.

Color rendering index: Above 75,no damage to eyes even after long time use.

Emergency use: 7 hours use with rechargeable battery after power off

Green products: ROHS certificate and no any harmful metal element

Switch response: Nanometer level of response time

Color conversion: 250 kinds of light color can be freely converted to meet your need.

Time function: Automatic switch control by any time setup.

Charge on Mobile: Charge mobile phone at any occasion for your urgency.

Adjustable power: Adjust lamp brightness,power consumption to meet your needs.Save more energy, extend use time after power off.

Remote control:  Infrared remote control (max 10m distance),RF remote control(max 100m distance)

Series products: Four series help you choose the suitable products for your need.

15 kinds of use function:

Ultra high cost/performance maximize its use value.

You buy one LED lamp, means you have 15 kinds of LED lamp.

It is lighting lamp saving 90% energy,also it is a desk lamp,a socket lamp,a emergency lamp....

It is decorative shooting lamp, also it is a miner lamp,a handheld lamp,a stage light……

It is used for household lighting.also it is a big help of lighting for

outdoor activities and travelling.

This is LED magic lamp,it can help you have lightings below: