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Product description

LED Emergency Light Bulb


Product features

1, the product of long life built-in rechargeable free maintenance high capacity for the 800 mAH battery

2, long life battery. 500 times more used to charge and discharge cycle

3, and the use of energy saving. High brightness. Long life LED

4, AC lighting and emergency lighting can be chosen.

Technology index

1, use temperature: -10℃℃to 40 ℃

2, the use of air humidity around: < 90%

3, charging the rated voltage: AC100-240 V   50/60 Hz

4, charging rated current: AC0.15 A   1.2 W

5, light source power: 1.5 w

6, a light source type: LED

7, the protective level: IP67


To use products LED-732 loaded on standard (thread) monitoring lamp holder. Through to the AC220V power supply.

1. switch out gear for energy saving AC directly LED lamp use.

2. switch to pull OFF as closed lamps and lanterns.

3. switch to pull in DC when emergency functions for the application. Through to the AC220V power supply to the battery. Charging indicator emit light. Power failure or shut off the power. The 25 LED lamp to be automatic light

switch out the function of suggested to use DC. In AC220V through power supply. Start charging the battery. The battery full time for 16 hours. When blackouts. Lamps function launched the emergency response. Have lighting effect

Emergency functions can be full of electricity for use 4 hours.

In the use of emergency function in the process, when LED light bulb light dim, tend to completely discharge the battery status, at this time, for the protection of the battery, should stop using, and must be timely charge (should not be in LED light bulb light only, at this moment the battery charge easily damaged failure).

Luminaire shall often charge is used, if long time using AC transmission or set aside. Please store every three months added electricity again about eight hours, or you will reduce battery life.

Security matters:

Request to use the standard bayonet socket or snail mouth on the lamp holder

Lamps don't straight as eyes, lest affect vision.

Children should be used under the guidance of the adults in

Don't let this product in the rain or moisture.