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LED pet safety supplies pet pendant dog tag colorful gradient

Product description

LED pet safety supplies  pet pendant   dog tag    colorful gradient


LED luminous pet dog pendant    convenient travel by night     more safety!

Commodity is introduced: can hang in pet collars, convenient travel by night, grasps whereabouts

Size: about long 5.5 CM  X diameter 3.5 cm X Thickness  2.5 cm

Color choice: seven colors, blue, white, red, green, orange (yellow) (warm hint: the luminous effect the front of the effect of the more good, yellow and orange very similar)

Instructions for use: press for the first time for light source, press the two for scintillation light source.

Luminous mode: long bright flicker (7 colour to take turns to flash, flash)

Product size: 30mm(Dia.), 10mm(hight)

Two switches: one is try me switch which allows the user to see the LEDs when they are in the package,

The other switch is an “on and off“ switch-when the cat is moving, the LED lightswill flash and when the cat stops moving, the LEDs will stop.

Batteries:2 pcs CR927 cell batteries

Packaging: blister(0.3mm PVC, 10X15mm, heat-seal)+insert cards(157gsm artpaper, 4 C/P, with glossy PP coating, 2 sides.)