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Solar mobile phone charger

Product description

NOTE: This charger has got the patent. Please don't copy.


1.Under sunlight, it can make use of the solar panel, instead of AC adaptor, to transform solar energy into electricity. Then you can charge for your mobile phone, digital camera, MP3, MP4, etc, any time anywhere. It is a good companion of evection workers, outdoor sporters, travelers, etc.

2.Built-in Li-battery, high-effect solar panel. It can also be charged by AC adaptor for emergency use. Many mobile adaptors available.

3.Seven-colored light flashes while charging. Charge quickly. After being exposed to the sun for 3 minutes, it can charge for your phone. It can charge for the phone at the same time when it is under the sunshine.

4.LED flashlight

5.Extra-thin. Small and exquisite. Portable. New design. Beautiful packing.

6.Accessories: an AC adaptor, a car charger, four adaptors, a connector cable.

7.Available colors: bright silver, pearl white, Light Salmon, peacock blue


1.Power of solar panel: 0.6W/0.72W

2.Environmental friendly Li-battery: 3.7V/1000mAh

3.AC adaptor: 110-240V

4.Omnipotence output jack

5.Switch round and round. Seven-colored light flashes while charging.

6.LED flashlight

7.Top grade extra-thin flip cover: 19mm

8.Available colors: bright silver, pearl white, Light Salmon, peacock blue

9.Output of solar charger: 6V/100MA/0.6W, 6V/120MA/0.72W

10.Output of Li-battery: 4.2V-5.5V/360mA

11.Charging time (to mobile phone): within 1 hour

12.Charging time (by AC adaptor): 1-2 hours; Charging time (by sunshine):4-6 hours