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  • Commodity Name: Green laser pointer
  • Commodity Number: GT04G0004
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Green laser pointer                                                                                                                                               Shell material copper remote distance 10000 (m)

Laser distance 10000 (m) model JF-103 G5

Battery AAA * 2 packaging flannelette box, iron boxes, black box

Specifications and * 160 MM brand essence peak

New peculiar function applicable occasions the advertising gifts strange, meeting the celebration, office welfare, business the public relations, the acknowledges the client, opening ceremony, holiday celebrations, wedding, birthday, moved, graduate entrance, a foreign affairs, religion, and other products

Gifts to send parents/elder, send children/baby, to send his girlfriend/boyfriend or husband and wife send, give the friends, colleagues, send clients, to send, give, give the students leadership mentor, send foreigners, send brother/brother, send sister, other is providing processing customization is


Product parameters

material: copper

appearance: the lacquer that bake

size: 13 mmX160mm

specification: fixed focal, blob-shaped flare, continuous output, service life is more than 8000 hours

battery; 2 "AAA"

wavelength; 532 nm

power; 5 mw, 10 mw, 20 mw, 30 mw, 50 mw, 80 mw, 100 mw, 150 mw, 200 mw

range: over 500 10000 meter

preheating time: 5 minutes

working voltage: 2.8 V ~ 3 V

working temperature ±~ ~ 20, 25


product characteristics


high quality green laser pen

darkness visible light beam

radiation high strength, good monochromatic, coherence, strong direction.


teaching/lecture: for teaching, because this is a pointer to the infinite and outspread, you can make it anywhere in the classroom, absolutely is a senior assistant for teachers and lecturers.

astronomical observation method, the green laser beam is a very beautiful beam, it is suitable for observation the night sky, easily help you refer to the position of stars.

travelers field/adventure field, some goals, and sent a signal for help, let your travel safer.

business people/the meeting the speaker products show introduction, meeting explain you can let your speech be your desire and customer communication more natural.

construction in mining field: for accurate/positioning in the construction of a long journey, and it can make people far away from dangerous area, you can order far scene. Medical teaching (X-ray teaching), applicable to all kinds of lecturing, teaching place, make easy, the listener happy. Speakers

packing material

packing: flocking box of tinplate box of gifts

17 kg net weight

gross: 18 kg

100 / box packing

outside the box sizes: 36 * and * 34 CM


Product fittings1 x specification   2 x battery   1 x box   1 x laser pen

Warranty period a year

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