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Product description

1. The wind resist of Uding’s street lamps is more than 150km/h; lamp fixture’s protection grade is IP65. 2. Shape and height of the solar street lamp can be customized according to different customer requests; as well as the luminous flux density, illuminate duration, rainy days and control mode can also be adjusted according to different customer requests. 3. Uding team makes configuration for each client based on his geographic position, climate and sun radiant quantity. 4. Uding Solar battery pack’s photoelectric conversion ratio is 17%; Colloid accumulator’s lifetime is 5 years; Controller is optimally performed; Lamp fixture is coated with high pressure aluminum; Lamp pole is galvanization; Induction lamp specially designed for solar lighting can better 42% of lighting effect. 5. Guaranteed service lifetime: 20 years for solar cell; 2 years for maintenance free battery, 5 years for colloidal battery,10 years for controller; 10 years for lamp fixture; 10 years for lamp pole; 20 years for lamp. 6. Warrantee period: 5 years for solar cell; 1 years for maintenance free battery, 3 years for colloidal battery, 2 years for controller; 2 years for lamp fixture; 2 years for lamp pole; 5 years for lamp. 7. Guarantee period: 1 year for solar cell; 1 year for maintenance free battery, 2 years for colloidal battery; 1 year for controller; 1 year for lamp fixture; 1 years for lamp pole; 3 years for lamp. 8. Uding sets up client file system on each client’s order to make sure in-time on-site service as well as recycling accumulator and lamp bulb. Remarks: Guaranteed service lifetime is guaranteed lifetime of components, Uding provides lifetime service within the guaranteed service lifetime; Uding provides maintenance service during warrantee period without charging extra labor cost; Guarantee period is guarantee to repairing and replacement.