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Product description


wind solar hybrid power system

1.CE,ISO9001,ROHS Approved

2.100,000 hours working time

3.80% energy saving


wind solar hybrid power system

Main components

1.Wind turbine

Wind turbine has adopted high-quality permanent magnet and is specially designed to reduce the start-up torque of alternator. Rotor blades are manufactured by precision injection molding process to make blades exceptional consistency of aerodynamic outline and mass distribution that ensures the rotors to operating at nearly no noise performance and minimal vibration. Wind turbine body is made from high-quality aluminum by precision casting process to enhance its fitness and excellent finishing. It is designed to cater for various working environment.

2.Solar panel

Its task is to convert the sun's energy into electricity. Different sizes and power outputs are available. They have to be carefully chosen for the desired application. Solar panels should be able to withhold and deliver in extreme weather conditions. Some are even designed unbreakable (vandal proof); others will work well in overcast weather.


LED: They have a good color rendition. A cluster of extra or ultra bright LEDs forms the lamp. LEDs consume a fraction of the energy of comparable lighting and have a very long life span. Wind solar hybrid lights are an emerging and promising application for LED technology.

CF: Compact Fluorescent lamps produce a white light and are used in places where color rendering is desired.

LPS: Low Pressure Sodium lamps generate a monochromatic yellow-orange light and are used when color rendering is not an issue. They have a lifespan of up to 18,000 hours.


The lights automatically come on at dusk when a photosensitive cell detects that it’s dark. It automatically turns off the turbine when wind speeds get too high, and also alerts human operators when problems need to be addressed or maintenance is required.

5. Storage Battery

Maintenance-free batteries are generally used on wind solar street lights. In addition to providing energy for dusk to dawn operation, they must also be able to supply few days of backup power in case of bad weather or charger failure.

Wind-Solar Hybrid System Led Light