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Solar mobile phone charger

Product description


1. Operation method

Re-charging the Charger

1) To re-charge the solar Charger with solar energy, simply open it up and face in the direction of  the sun on a sunny day. Light 1 on the Charger will show red indicating that it is working (i.e. recharging and saving the solar energy). When the storage battery is fully charged, Light 1 will turn yellow.

2) The Solar Charger can also be re-charged with electricity using the power adaptor supplied.

3) During re-charging, the 'ON/OFF' switch must be switched to the 'OFF' position. It would be harmful to the storage battery if it is in the 'ON' position during re-charging.

4) When the Charger is not in use, turn the 'ON/OFF' switch to 'OFF' position to avoid running down the storage battery.

Re-charging Mobile Phone

Connect your Mobile Phone to the Charger using the phone plug or one of the adapters supplied depending on the make of your phone. Turn the 'ON/OFF' switch to 'ON' position, Lights 1 and 2 will turn red during charging. When the built-in battery in the Charger runs down, the lights will go off.  You have to re-charge the Charger for next use.

2. Note!

1) Solar Mobile Charger is not waterproof, so do not use it in rainy weather.

2) The surface of the Solar Cell should be kept clean with a soft cloth to ensure best performance.

3) It takes about 3-5 hours to fully recharge the Charger depending on the intensity of the sun.

3. Characteristics

1) The Solar Energy Charger is a new concept of the 21st Century. It utilizes abundant natural energy and hence environmental friendly.

2) It is small size and very portable.

3) The solar charger has a built in Li-battery which can support your mobile phone hours of talk time depending on the capacity of built-in batteries and models of your mobile phone.